ConvertKit Cyber Monday Deal 2023 [ConvertKit Black Friday Sale]


ConvertKit Cyber Monday Deal 2023 [ConvertKit Black Friday]

Time and time again, email marketing has proven to be one of the most profitable ways to generate leads or attract the audience to your website.

Studies have shown that you can actually get the best return on investment from email marketing as the researchers have calculated to be 1$ on every 44$ you invest.

But will you be able to achieve this with the help of ConvertKit? Well, let’s have a look at our ConvertKit Cyber Monday Sale 2023 review. It is surely going to change your perspective and instil positive views.

BFCM Deal Live Now

ConvertKit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2023

ConvertKit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2023
ConvertKit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2023

ConvertKit sale (Nov 20-28, 2023) , For a limited time, For any free and monthly plan users, all annual plans up to and including 10K subscribers will be 30% off for the first year!. Check below for more info.

ConvertKit Cyber Monday Creator Pro Annual sale

  • Activate the Creator Plan as low as $76 annually with this offer for the first year. That’s over 30% off the regular price on our most popular plan.
  • Sale Live From (Nov 20-28, 2023)

ConvertKit Black Friday Sale 2022

ConvertKit's Craft + Commerce

Craft + Commerce

Early bird tickets are now on sale for the annual Craft + Commerce conference, the premiere event for online creators to come together to build community and learn from the world’s top creators.

Every year, Craft + Commerce adds a new killer line up of speakers, surprises and events that provide you a place to connect with creators.

Craft + Commerce 2023 Details

Location : Boise, Idaho, USA, Thu June 8-10.

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YouTube video

ConvertKit Grow Your Audience Challenge

Challenge runs: Live Now

ConvertKit Grow Your Audience Challenge

Important promo details:

  • It’s free to register for the challenge and will include a free 14-day free trial if they don’t already have one.
Updated ConvertKit Webinars

ConvertKit Free Workshops

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  • How to start your email list in less than 24 hours
  • Sales Funnel Pep Talk
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ConvertKit Creator Pass Starter Kit

ConvertKit Creator Pass

Why you need ConvertKit Creator Pass Starter Kit

  • Feel stuck in your career path or want to create a side business?
  • Do you have a product idea – but aren’t sure how to get started?
  • Do you dream of making a living building your own business?

What is Creator Pass?

Creator Pass is Online module course curated by convertkit specially for those looking to skyrocket their business.

They have organized best lessons into the two stages, And this ConvertKit Creator Pass Starter Kit will help you implement these lessons and improve you sales.

Plus with Creator Start Kit you’ll also receive a year of access to ConvertKit(world’s best email marketing tool for creators 2023).

Why You Need to Grab Convertkit Creator Pass?

Creator Pass by ConvertKit user reviewCreator Pass by ConvertKit user reviews

What does Convertkit Creator Pass Course Content include?


Get started with your online business.

  • The foundation and values of your business
  • Create your website and content plan
  • Get your first 100 subscribers


Create a digital product and earn your first dollar online with a successful launch.

  • Create your first product
  • Launch, sell, and iterate
  • Automated workflow templates

Plus CONVERTKIT Email marketing software

  • Creator Pass includes a ConvertKit account with up to 1000 subscribers for the first year.

Convertkit Creator Pass Pricing

Creator Pass ConvertKit Learn Email Marketing
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About ConvertKit Black Friday

ConvertKit is actually cloud-based software that offers automation of email marketing and lead generation to every blogger, Youtuber as well as business owners that generate online content.

With the help of this platform, you will be able to increase the list of your email subscribers apart from automating the email marketing process by automating the workflow, creating landing pages with the help of templates and many more.

An interesting thing about ConvertKit that must be included in our ConvertKit review is the fact it lets you create as well as embed custom opt-in forms on your website.

The best part of this feature is that the forms will automatically adjust in the places where you are adding them such as the sidebar, end of the content etc.

Plus, you will be able to add different custom opt-in forms for different content with specific call-to-action. As a result, you can say that ConvertKit helps you create a plethora of opt-in forms with a multitude of incentives to increase subscribers.

However, the first thing that will strike you most is the increase in open rate. Broadcast emails from most of the other email marketing solutions end up in the spam folder of the recipients’ inbox.

But this is one problem that you will never have to face if you are using ConvertKit. Compared to normal 5-7 percent open rate obtained from other email marketing solutions, ConvertKit shows incredible results. So, you will be able to reach out to more audience with this platform.

There is a lot more to ConvertKit than what meets the eye. So, sit tight and go through our entire ConvertKit review to see what more you can get from this platform.  Who knows after reading this article you have a complete change of mind and start seeing success?

Features of ConvertKit

Being a power email marketing platform, ConvertKit provides you with a multitude of features that are impressive enough for every sort of individual.

So, it is not actually possible to list them all in our ConvertKit Black Friday review. But here are some of the most important features of ConvertKit that you need to look out for:

Specially designed for email marketing

Once you start using the ConvertKit platform, the first thing that you will notice how singular it is when it comes to the email marketing. You will immediately notice that there are no redundant features in ConvertKit.

Each and every tool that ConvertKit offers you are focused on improving your email marketing strategies by designing emails as well as sending them in an automated way.

ConvertKit provides you with an email builder, opt-in forms builder and a tool design the landing pages instead of just an email broadcasting tool that most of the other platforms offer.

Thus, it enables you to capture emails with a much higher efficiency. So, you will never have to face any problem in sending captivating emails and growing your subscriber list even if you do not have any previous experience in email marketing.

User-friendly tools to capture emails

As we have mentioned earlier in our ConvertKit review, if there is something that ConvertKit does best, then it is to provide a plethora of user-friendly tools to capture emails.

Like if you have installed the ConvertKit plug-in on your blog, then you will be able to set specific opt-in forms for each post. All you will have to do is to find your preferred opt-in form from the drop-down menu.

With these tools, you will be able to bribe your audiences with different incentives. Whether it is an e-book to help your audience get more details on the topic of your content, gift cards or anything else, this platform will make sure you succeed in capturing emails.

An auto-resend feature to help you out with unopened Broadcast emails

This is something that every website owner faces. When you send broadcast emails to your subscribers, some of them always remain unopened. This can be caused due to various reasons.

If your email does not have an intriguing title or was not persuasive enough, then it can remain unopened. Or it may be due to the fact that the recipients did not get time to check their emails.

So what could be done to fix such situations? Well, no matter what the reason is, this is a pressing concern for everyone trying to increase lead generation using email marketing.

Now, you do not need to worry as ConvertKit has a feature that helps you to deal with this problem. It helps you to re-target those subscribers who did not open your email the first time.

Well, this feature is very easy to use. All you need to do is to click on any broadcast email you have sent in the recent past. Next, you need to click on the statistic option. In the statistics page, you will find an option for “Resend to Unopens”.

Just click on that button and your broadcast email will be automatically sent to the subscribers who have not opened the email during the first time. Though there is no complexity in benefiting from this feature, it is still hard to find in most of the other email marketing solutions.

The feature for Lead Magnet Double Option

This is a special feature that needs to be mentioned in this ConvertKit review. The prime motto for each and every email marketing software is to generate leads. But ConvertKit takes this to a whole new level and you can trust us when we say this.

It does not only help you to generate leads but it also helps you to double the number of leads generated without any hassle. As ConvertKit provides you with a double option, it easily provides your subscribers with a double opt-in option.

Thus, your visitors will receive a special double opt email during the time of subscribing instead of receiving double-opt emails. ConvertKit is highly efficient in responding to the request from the subscribers when they click on the options given in the email. As a result, you get a rate of lead generation and it is what you need to keep a track of your success.

A highly efficient builder for developing the best email sequence

The true efficiency of ConvertKit is displayed when it comes to developing a proper email sequence. Actually, ConvertKit does not stick to the general drag and drop email sequence builder that other platforms offer. It is a truly unique email marketing tool when it comes to conjuring the best emails.

The email editor that ConvertKit offers is basically text-focused. And it is very easy to mistake the email editor for the WordPress blog post editor. Plus, it has all the functionalities that WordPress offers. So, you will feel like writing a blog while creating the email. As a result, you will never have to go through any hassle whatsoever to develop your email.

Furthermore, the email sequence shows you the total number of emails that are in it. You can just drag the emails up and down the list to customise your email sequence without having to face any trouble. For every blogger and websites that prefer to send emails with heavy contents, this email marketing automation tool is perfect for you.

Simple yet highly-effective email marketing automation

We need to clear one thing firstly in our ConvertKit review is that ConvertKit does not offer a visual automation builder. The automation builder that this platform offers is simply trigger based. It helps you to arrange the things that must automatically happen when a lead completes a specific action.

For instance, you will be able to redirect your leads to a certain landing page when they fulfill a certain action like downloading your e-book. The best part of this is that you will be able to have as much automation you need without any worry.

Though it is simple and there is nothing fancy about it, the automation builder of ConvertKit is still highly effective and that we can say from our own experience.

Tags for personalizing the emails

Sending personalized emails is one of the oldest tricks in email marketing to garner the attention of the recipient and you can do that easily with high efficiency with the help of ConvertKit Cyber Monday. Actually, ConvertKit uses personalized tags to identify as well as categorize the subscribers on the basis of their interests.

Well, this feature is very important from the perspective of running a successful email marketing campaign. The thing that you need to understand is that you cannot appeal to every subscriber on your list with a general email. To attract your subscribers, you will have to develop the emails on the basis of their interests.

ConvertKit allows you to group the subscribers in the lists in different segments as per their interests. Thus, it allows you to send different emails to different interest groups to get their attention. It also helps the e-commerce websites to group their subscribers in buyers and non-buyers.

An incredible UI

You might have already guessed that this point will make an entry in this list of features after coming this far in our ConvertKit November Sale review. Of course, the greatest USP of ConvertKit is its simple yet magnificent user interface.

The best thing about the interface of ConvertKit is that it does not have any distraction as well as complexity. Thus, you will never have any trouble in creating new broadcast emails.

Moreover, you already know that the email editor of ConvertKit is completely text-based similar to the blog editor of WordPress. Here, you need to know one thing that because of the fact that ConvertKit offers a text-based email editor; the emails land up in the primary tab of the recipient’s inbox rather than ending up in the spam folder.

So, what more do you need? Your targeted audience will successfully receive your emails.

No extra money needs to be paid for duplicate subscribers

Here is one of the best features that ConvertKit offers but most of the email marketing platforms do not. Most of the other email marketing platforms charge you extra for saving the same subscriber in a different list.

It is no coincidence as one subscriber can end up in multiple lists on the basis of their interests or actions in your blog. Normally, the other platforms simply fail to identify a subscriber existing in different lists as the same person. As a result, you need to pay extra money.

But you will never have to face this trouble if you are using ConvertKit. ConvertKit basically has a commutative list where all the subscribers are shown. Also, each of the subscribers is differentiated on the basis of tags associated with them.

So, even if a subscriber is included in different lists, you will never have to pay extra money, as the intelligent platform of ConvertKit will be able to identify the subscriber without any hassle.

Simple Integrations

Integrating other services in the broadcast email that connect to your blog is a well-known way to attract the subscribers. However, it is not easy to integrate other services in your email as far as the other email marketing solutions are concerned.

But ConvertKit begs to differ from others as it offers easy integration of other services in the broadcast email without any trouble.

Under the option for automation, you will be able to find an option for integration. Here, you will be able to integrate services like WordPress, Webinar Ninja, Woocommerce, Optin Monster, Teachable, LeadPages and various others into your email.

As a result, it helps you to combine your lists and reach out to your subscribers from different services that connect to your blog.

Pricing of ConvertKit Black Friday Sales

When it comes to pricing, then the plans of ConvertKit are somewhat more expensive than the others like Mailchimp and Aweber. The pricing plan for ConvertKit starts at $29 which lets you add up to 1000 subscribers and it goes all the way up to $119 where you are allowed to add up to 10,000 subscribers in your list. Plus, it allows you to build a customized pricing plan as per the number of subscribers in the list.

Yearly Subscription Plans [Save More on Yearly Plans & Pricing – ConvertKit]

Plan 1 – ConvertKit Creator Plan Get 2 Months Free


ConvertKit Creator Plan Yearly Payment
ConvertKit Creator Plan Yearly Payment

Plan 2 – ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan Get 2 Months Free

ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan Yearly Payment
ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan Yearly Payment

Monthly Plans

Plan 1 – ConvertKit Creator Plan Monthly

ConvertKit Creator Plan
ConvertKit Creator Plan

Plan 2 – ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan Monthly


ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan
ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan


Even though it is really more expensive compared to others, you will actually be saving money with the help of ConvertKit.

Firstly, ConvertKit does not charge you extra for a single user who is added to different lists. Like we have said before, ConvertKit associates different tags to every subscriber that help it to identify the subscribers on the list. However, other email marketing solutions fail to do so. Thus, you end up spending more.

Moreover, most of the other platforms charge you for the subscribers who have unsubscribed from your list. Thus, it actually increases the money that you need to pay.

But if you are using ConvertKit, then you will only have to pay for the number of users you have on your list currently and nothing extra. Hence, you will never end up losing extra money in the name of email marketing.

Key Attractions of ConvertKit Cyber Monday Sale

We have already discussed the features that are unique to ConvertKit so far in our ConvertKit review. Now, let us inform you about the things that we liked as well as disliked about this cloud-based email marketing platform.

  • ConvertKit has all the features that are necessary to make the process of blogging easier as well as automated.
  • ConvertKit offers you with a subscriber chart. It helps you to understand the various sources that are helping you list to grow like opt-in forms or landing pages.
  • The automation that ConvertKit offers is simple yet highly effective. If basically works in simple if/then logic. Triggered when specific actions are performed by leads, it redirects the leads to a new form or landing pages in response to their actions.
  • ConvertKit is deeply integrated with Zapier. As a result, it helps you to sync data from different sources without any hassle.
  • Another thing that must be acknowledged in this part of our ConvertKit review is the email editor of ConvertKit. The simple text-based editor helps you to simply conjure the email and send it without going through the hassle of dragging and dropping.
  • Since the emails are mostly email based when sent from ConvertKit, they do not end up in the spam folders of your subscribers.
  • free trial[ Try It Now ].

Well, you might be disappointed for the high price of the plan and the absence of A/B split testing feature, however, the highlights of this tool overpowers its cons.

ConvertKit Cyber Monday Deal 2023

Well, that’s all there is to our ConvertKit Cyber Monday Deal 22 review. Of course, there are still some shortcomings in ConvertKit but it is one of the fastest growing cloud-based email marketing solutions across the world right now.

ConvertKit offers you an efficient performance and it provides so with a guarantee. Use ConvertKit, grow your email subscriber list, increase the number of leads generated and achieve success in your niche.